Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

It will be a while before an environment sensing, filth-picking, toilet-scrubbing robot becomes a reality, but not all hopes are lost for those who loathe the dirty chore of scrubbing the toilet because, there is the Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot which your hard-earned money can buy. So, yeah, toilet cleaning robot is a reality now, well, kind of, cos’ it is not quite the kind of robot like PAL Robotics toilet-scrubbing robot. But really, it shouldn’t be a major surprise as Giddel costs ‘just’ 500 bucks (or $499.99, to be exact) before discount.

Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

Wait. Hang on a second there… I will be right back. OK. Am back. Just spent a couple of minutes scrubbing my guest toilet with a toilet brush that costs just a few dollars. At this point, I am relishing how I have saved myself 500 dollars net. Achievement unlocked, I guess? Seriously, do we really need a toilet scrubbing robot? Personally, I think not if it isn’t autonomous, and it does not pick up trash and clean the floor. However, if you are a hygiene freak or are OCD about even going near the toilet except for when you need to do your business, then Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot might be for you.

Here are the things this robot version of Mike Rowe will do:

• Giddel scrubs the rim, under the rim, the bowl, down to the exit.
• Giddel cleans in circular & wavy motion to cover every level in the toilet.
• Giddel’s telescopic arm fits within smaller toilets yet extends to reach larger ones.
• Giddel Has obstacle detection and is child and pet friendly. However, this is not a toy and children and pets should not be allowed near during operation.
• Giddel takes away the disgust from maintaining a clean toilet.

Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot

Altan Robotech, the maker of Giddel, said it costs less than a dollar per cleaning cycle (I, on the other hand, does it for free, for my own home, of course). However, unlike actual robots (or robots we perceived to be), Giddel needs to be handled each time you want the toilet scrubbed. You will need to retrieve it from its charging dock and click it into the mounting that you have pre-installed earlier. Also, you will need to dispense the cleaning liquid or whatever. But after that, it is a matter of hitting the start button and it will proceed to do its thing.

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I am not going to lie. While I am proud that I have saved myself 500 dollars, I was quite drawn to the prospect of not having to scrub the bowl myself. I am not in the financial position where I can splurge on this kind of gadget, though. But if you have the money to drop, you can find Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot on Amazon going for $499.99 before discount. There is a coupon on the page where, upon clicking, you will be bagging Giddel for 100 dollars less, at $399.99.

BUT before you do that, you may want to check out the review by Digital Trends’ Kim Wetzel first. Also, you may want to check out the product videos (that sounded suspiciously like commercials from sci-fi movies like Resident Evil) after the break.

Images: Altan Robotech.

Hat tip: Digital Trends.