If you don’t do as much home improvement or DIY stuff, it is wise not to pile up your toolbox with the same tool in different sizes. It is a waste of money and not to mention, a pain to lug around when you just need to assemble a stool. Understanding this, a San Jose-based Cycop came up with brilliant and handsome solution and they are calling it BiTool. BiTool is a sleek, pocket-friendly ratchet with magnetic system that eliminates scattering screws and tools. It boasts a magnetic ratchet head and a built storage to contain either the 5 bits or 10 bits tool set.

Cycop BiTool Magnetic Ratchet

The tool set consists of common size hex wrench as well as screwdrivers that are ready to take on build or repair whenever, wherever. It has a 180-degree wrench head for tackling even the most awkward angle, while rapid bits replacement lets you grab the right bit effortlessly and a magnetized body keeps the next bit ready for action, as well as serving as a placeholder for whatever screws you may have. It is an attractive proposition, but we are not the smooth body does encourage grip. Then again, with a tool of this size, we shouldn’t be expecting ourselves to be exerting too much torque.

It will probably serve well as a skateboard or bicycle tool, or for assembling furniture and stuff. However, the real kicker here the elimination of mess, which have traditionally, plague such jobs. You know. Drop screws and bits. Well, think you get the idea. If you are enamored by the idea, you can pre-order the Cycop BiTool over at the product’s Kickstarter page. Prices range between $25 and $32, depending the number of bits you are after and how soon you act on it. Take a look at the BiTool in action in the embedded video below.

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Cycop BiTool Magnetic Ratchet

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