Making A Diablo Statue with 3D Pen

I have just watched a 3D printing pen creation that reminds me of one very important lesson in life and that is, there is no short cut to success. What you see here is a sculpture of Diablo, the Lord of Terror, aka the antagonist of the Diablo video game franchise started way back in 1997.

Making A Diablo Statue with 3D Pen

I briefly played it on PC, but it was too dark for my taste but then. I did not look back since, well, until now. Anywho, that’s right. The Diablo statuette you see here is a custom creation, made entirely out of a 3D printing pen.

It’s absolutely mind-blowing. The details, as you can see in the creation process video below (with absolutely hilarious narration), could put some thousand dollars collectible to shame. Really. It is that good.

The statuette has a wire skeleton on which Sanago built upon and there are electronics too to create the creepy but awesome light up effects. It was a painstaking process which took 3 weeks.

Continue reading to find the said video. Trust me, it will be 18:31 minutes of your life well spent. But before you do that, remember to turn on the English caption. Well, scratch that if you understand Korean language.

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Images: YouTube (3D Sanago).

Source: Geekologie.