Papaglop LEGO MOC The Mandalorian Razor Crest

Rest assure that after seeing Papaglop’s 4,000-piece LEGO MOC The Mandalorian Razer Crest, you will not want to look at the official set ever again. Papaglop is a LEGO enthusiast who is also a big fan of Star Wars.

This ‘UCS’ version the Razer Crest is actually his second iteration. It is larger and has far more details than the first, and it is now modular – 9 modules (or was it 8?, Hmmm) in all. Despite its ‘UCS’ size, Papaglop’s creation is very much, or close to minifigure scale which allow for some playability.

You can learn more about Papaglop’s creation in a video posted by Beyond the Brick on YouTube. Remember check out his Facebook and Instagram page for even more Star Wars LEGO MOCs.

Oh, wait. Before you go, you may want to know that you can build one too. Papaglop has teamed up with James Robinson to create the instructions for this particular build. You can buy the instructions from Papaglop for $15. Visit this page for details on how you can purchase the instructions.

Images: Facebook (Papaglop).

Source: YouTube (Beyond the Brick).