The New York Times Magazine Google Lens

So you think print is dead? Well, not if The New York Times can help it. In a world where digital media reigns supreme, The New York Times Magazine is reinventing itself with the help of Google Lens.

The magazine is blending traditional media with digital media by letting readers explore contents beyond the prints with Lens. Print readers of The New York Times Magazine will be able to use Google Lens to find additional content simply by pointing their smartphone camera at the magazine.

The New York Times Magazine Google Lens

With this Lens integration, the cover and select articles will contain additional digital contents which you will be able to explore further, digitally save and share. For cover lovers, you will be able to explore the design process for each cover through the magazine’s Behind the Cover video series.

Music lovers may also want to take note that the NYT’s annual Music Issue will also offer the same experience. Readers of the magazine will be able to interact with the magazine using Lens which will open up access to a variety of multimedia, such as video and animation, that will literally bring the print contents to life.

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Even better, readers will be able to listen to a playlist of music featured in the issue.

The New York Times Magazine Google Lens

The Music Issue will also include several print ads that has interactive elements, also by leveraging on Google Lens. Wait what? Like, what kind of readers will bother to blast themselves with interactive ads on purpose? Probably no one.

Anywho, this crossing of traditional and digital media is novel idea, but I am skeptical if it will be widely used. Perhaps, initially, but somehow, I have a feeling that over time, it could be more of a chore than purposeful. Just saying..

Though I will have to admit that it is nice to be able to share print article digitally. And believe it or not, there are times which I actually wish for that myself. Yes, I am an eccentric person. Not going to deny that.

In case you are interested… the annual New York Times Magazine Music Issue will hit the stands on Sunday, March 15, 2o20.

The New York Times Magazine Google Lens

Images courtesy of The New York Times.