No. This is not a glitch in the matrix. What you see here are cleverly cut and stitched jeans (or pants) that, when worn, makes your lower limbs look like they are distorted because of a glitch.

LEJE L and Slash Jeans

Created by a French company founded by a Korean designer duo, LEJE, these jeans or pants are referred to as ‘L’ and ‘Slash’.

The cutting and sticking are unique in that, they allow the clothing to move independently of each part which result in a glitchy video look and feel. Very surreal and in some way, whimsical.

Unlike many outlandish and/or bold fashion pieces, the LEJE ‘L’ and ‘Slash’ Jeans (or pants) are actually available to buy.

LEJE L and Slash Jeans

Available for men and women, both the ‘L’ and ‘Slash’ Jeans and Pants are can be pre-ordered from

But be warned. They cost pretty penny. If you want one, be prepared to drop at least US$375 for a pair.

But hey, you are not just paying design label; you are paying for a head turning fashion piece and the traditional hand craftsmanship. And we both know those are, historically, never cheap.

LEJE L and Slash Jeans

Images: LEJE.

via Laughing Squid.

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