Can’t get enough of The Mandalorian TV series? Well, here’s a couple of fixes from LEGO that won’t cost an arm or a leg like some scale action figures do. LEGO has introduced two The Mandalorian-themed products.

The first is LEGO 75317 Brickheadz The Mandalorian & The Child and the second one is the LEGO 75292 The Razor Crest.

Keep going for the summary of the two sets.

LEGO 75317 Brickheadz The Mandalorian & The Child

LEGO 75317 Brickheadz The Mandalorian & The Child

Number of pieces: 295
Price: $19.99
Availability: August 01, 2020
Minifigures: 5 (new-for-August-2020 The Mandalorian and the Child, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper, IG-11)
Highlights: The Mandalorian’s signature weapons (a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol), The Child has adjustable ears, buildable hoverpram ‘floating’ on 4 transparent LEGO elements, baseplate for each buildable figure.

LEGO 75292 The Razor Crest Starship

LEGO 75292 The Razor Crest

Number of pieces: 1,023
Price: $129.99
Availability: September 01, 2020
Minifigures: 0
Highlights: Brick-built armored transport’s cargo hold with opening sides that double as access ramps, carbonite bounty elements, dual LEGO minifigure cockpit, spring-loaded shooters, detachable escape pod, sleeping area.

Can we just the Baby Yoda is just as adorable as a minifigure? Fans can secure these sets by pre-ordering it on as we speak.

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Images: LEGO.

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