Since RC Hexapod surfaced, there have been quite a number of mods on this multi-ped toy, but nothing speak creepiness like this one that came from tinkerer Peter Sripol. The man, who is known for some pretty crazy RC mods including the firefighting drone, put the disc-spitting Banggood RC Hexapod under the knife and swopping out toy-grade stuff for hobby-grade components like brushless motor and control system. The result was a higher performance Bangood RC Hexapod, but that itself is not creepy – not even close. Not content with the first mod, Peter again put the upgraded RC Hexapod under the knife; this time, he spliced the stock Hexapod’s body with a Thomas the Train toy and outfitting it with a real working homemade flamethrower (!).

The fact that this Hexapod now has Thomas ‘head’ would have kids screaming (with tears, probably) “noooo…..,” and the functional and dangerous flamethrower there just make it all the more eery. Ok, maybe it would not have been that eery if not for the soundtrack and overall cinematic of the finished product video, which you can find below. Thomas the Hexapod was a menaced in the toy battlefield, setting alight anything that stood in its way. The sea of fire it left behind against the dark of the night cast an eery grow on the smiling Thomas’s facial expression would have you exclaiming “Psycho Thomas!” and that, my friend, is the thing that creeps us out.

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Dangerous Toy Mod - RC Hexapod Flamethrower
Sinister! We almost can imagine Thomas’ evil laughter. Creepy.

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.

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