3-way collab is not new. Even then, I never ceased to be confused about how so many entities can contribute to a product as simple as, say, the [email protected] Anyways, the [email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% is the latest Medicom Toy product that is a result of a triple collab.

BE@RBRICK Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400%

I do not know what NEXUSVII and art gallery S01 part in this collab but the UNIQLO UT creative director’s touch is the most obvious. From the graphic artist’s recurring motif of shredded one-dollar bills – now in the flesh (or paper) to the man’s signature on the back of the leg.

Interestingly, this figure isn’t all transparent; it has its hands, ears, and hips – basically areas where the shredded one-dollar bills can’t reach – painted in black. It is quite a sight to behold but surprisingly, the asking price isn’t as shocking.

It sells for 22,000 yen (which is 171 USD today). 400% is not small coming in at about 28 cm (11 inches) tall. So this will definitely be a conversational piece. But there’s a problem.

The [email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% figure is sold via a web lottery that was held between January 14, 2034, 12:00 hours to January 15, 2023, 23:45 hours. So, yeah, it is over. The winning result was announced on January 19, 2023, Japan time, which was Japan’s yesterday.

BE@RBRICK Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400%

Images: Medicom Toy [JP].

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