If you really think about it, consumer audio headphones hasn’t really change a lot since its invention. Sure, we have goodness of noise cancellation, better drivers and so on, but the concept remain pretty much the same and its use is, well, the same, and that’s to feed audio to our soundholes. However, there’s one startup that thinks a pair of headphones can be so much more. It should not only spit out tunes into your ears, but also monitor your brain activity and guide along the way so you can be productive. How, you ask? Well, the magic lies in the headband which is not your run-of-the-mill head-clamping contraption; Mindset Smart Headphones, as it is called, has EEG (short for electroencephalogram) built into it that continuously monitor your brain activity.

Mindset EEG Audio Headphones Powered by Onkyo

When these sensors pick up signs that you are experiencing fatigue, it triggers the accompanying software to alert you that it is time to take a break. Well, that kind of sounds like the perfect audio cans for those who often lose themselves in work. Seriously, if it deliver as promised, then this gadget could literally save your life from being ruin by work (shsss, don’t let your boss hear this). Moreover, this smart headset is able to catch real-time distractions and employs auditory cues to coach you back to productivity.

Mindset EEG Audio Headphones Powered by Onkyo

On the audio reproduction aspect, Mindset EEG Audio Headphones is not going to short change you; while it is working to get you to be more productive, audio enjoyment is being served by 40 mm drivers, powered by renowned audio equipment maker, Onkyo, and it has active noise cancellation to boot too. Finally, you’d be glad to know it is, like many of today’s headphones, wireless, and it boasts dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 + 2.1 for quality audio which it can go on, continuously, for up to 8 hours on a single charge. There’s an optional 3.5mm audio cable for, you know, in case it runs out of juice.

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Mindset EEG Audio Headphones Powered by Onkyo

With such innovative approach to headphone development, it is no surprise that Mindset EEG Audio Headphones have garnered quite a bit of love from the community. Its Kickstarter campaign has attracted no less than 1,500 backers who pooled to date, a whopping $378K in funding and thereby putting the product on track to be produced. If you are keen, you can pre-order yours by backing it for $229-249.

Mindset EEG Audio Headphones Powered by Onkyo

Mindset EEG Audio Headphones Powered by Onkyo

Images courtesy of Mindset.

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