I think the world has officially gone bonkers. So how bonkers? Well, how about $88,000 for a pack of Oreo cookies? I am not even kidding. It is happening right down to a “rare” Supreme/Oreo Cookies.

What makes this Oreo particularly special is, it is in red (reminiscent that of the velvet Oreo which also exists, btw) and also the Supreme baked logo on each cookie. Supreme said the cookie is doubled stuff and each pack has 3 cookies.

Supreme x Oreo Red Cookies Bidding Frenzy

The package is in red too, with Supreme branding serving as the backdrop to the usual Oreo branding (now with the red cookie, instead of the usual dark brown one).

A pack was reportedly sold at $8 which is pricey for Oreo cookies, but nothing alarming. What’s alarming was, the after market frenzy to snap up a pack.

Anywho, the Supreme Oreo was launched last Thursday at brick and mortar Supreme stores. We are not sure if it counts as rarity as we have no idea if all of the stock were snapped up or not.

In any case, shortly after it went on sale, a few popped up on eBay with one attracting 90 bids, pushing the price to a ridiculous $88,988 (at the time of this post). Mind you that is for a single pack of 3.

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Oddly, we can see the summary listing of the five-figure Oreo, but when clicked on the link, the product was not found. What really happen is not clear. But fret not if really want one because, there are a few out there on eBay with one going “as low as” $31. Yup. We are indeed living in a crazy world.

Supreme x Oreo Red Cookies Bidding Frenzy

Images: Supreme/eBay (jerrenn19).

Source: Luxury Launches.

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