Since the introduction of Apple AirPods, the third-party market has came up with a quite a number of ideas how not to lose them. It ranges from luxury miniature suitcase to minimalistic keychain to wearing them as earrings.

Apple Watch Band with AirPods Holder

And you would have thought the ideas have ran out and anything that comes after those would be similar concepts. Well, apparently, a man by the name of Matt Youngblood has conceived a totally new idea and it is a called Airband.

Airband is essentially a silicone Apple Watch band, but with purposed designed loops integrated to hold your Apple AirPods. It is ergonomically design for easy access to the earbuds while not getting in the way.

Apple Watch Band with AirPods Holder

Before you get all excited about Airband, you have to know it is a Kickstarter campaign. In other words, it will only materialize if it gets funded. If you like the idea, you may want to consider chipping your support by backing for a product.

The price you are looking at is an affordable $20 or more, depending on how soon you act on it. Meanwhile, you can learn more in the video below.

Images: Kickstarter (Matt Youngblood).

Source: 9to5Mac.

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