Kreatworks Auto Scrap Hulk Sculpture

A Thailand artist, Kreatworks, has a created an Incredible Hulk sculpture made entirely out of scrap auto parts. He did not called it “Hulk” for obvious legal reason, but it is the angry green beast from Marvel comics.

Though it may not be comic- or movie-accurate like the one saw a few years ago, but the paint job finished with lacquer does Kreatworks’ iteration pops. Damn. This Hulk is shiny! And it is massive like the real-deal, towering in at 3.3 meters (10.8 feet).

Kreatworks Auto Scrap Hulk Sculpture

This auto scrap Hulk is probably what happens if Ultron made a Hulk robot. It is definitely a work of art and now for the good and bad news. The good news is, it is for sale. It is made-to-order, but there’s a caveat (read: bad news).

Kreatworks’ “3.3m recycled metal green giant” does not ship to U.S. due to the weight. Obviously, this metal sculpture must have weigh a ton (figuratively. Not that it really weighs a ton).

Then again, if the asking $17,000 is a drop in the ocean to you, I am sure you can convince that you can foot the bill for the shipping and handling of this giant. But don’t take my words for it. You have to touch base with the man to find out more.

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In the meantime, here are some drool-worthy photos for your enjoyment courtesy of Kreatworks, or hit up his Facebook page for more works of art.

Images: Etsy (Kreatworks).

Source: Technabob.