Thai Artist Created An Incredible Hulk Sculpture Out Of Auto Scrap Parts

A Thailand artist, Kreatworks, has a created an Incredible Hulk sculpture made entirely out of scrap auto parts. He did not called it “Hulk” for obvious legal reason, but it is the angry green beast from Marvel comics.

There’s Hulkverine Now And No, Hulk And Wolvie Did Not Have A Child

Marvel universe has expanded beyond our wildest imagination even before Marvel Cinematic Universe started seeing success as blockbuster live action movies. But this thing here is way beyond my wildest imagination: a Hulk cross Wolverine. Yes. You freaking read that right. Hulkverine is a thing! Holy mother of…. What kind of abomination is this? Whatever […]

This Incredible Hulk Secret Identity Suit Hides A Smashing Secret Within

Bruce Banner AKA The Incredible Hulk is not particularly known for his fashion sense. Throughout the history of both prints and live actions, he was hardly seen in formal attire. If anything, white lab coat was worn more often after the usual denim-style long sleeve and pants, which will be likely be torn to shred […]

This Hulk Made Out of Scrap Metal Will Smash Your Mind

scrap metal art is not new and to date, artists with the knack for metal works have done pretty amazing stuff including pop culture icon like Transformers sculptures made entirely out of discarded metals. if you think shaping and welding metals into organic robots are impressive, wait till you see Thai scrap metal artist BanHunLek‘s […]