Marvel universe has expanded beyond our wildest imagination even before Marvel Cinematic Universe started seeing success as blockbuster live action movies. But this thing here is way beyond my wildest imagination: a Hulk cross Wolverine. Yes. You freaking read that right. Hulkverine is a thing! Holy mother of…. What kind of abomination is this? Whatever it is, you must asking “what the hell is happening here?” Did Wolverine got hit by gamma rays too, like Bruce Banner? Or did Hulk underwent the excruciating Weapon X? Well, actually, it was neither.

As it turns out, Hulkverine is a completely new character introduced in a new Weapon H comicbook. Hulkverine started life as an ex-mercenary by the name of Clay. Clay is Mr. Righteous. He is the good guy. After refusing orders to wipe out a village with innocent civilians like any good soul would do, he was duly punished. Very seriously. And his punishment? Becoming the subject of a series of terrifying experiments much like “Weapon X” program, known as “Weapon H.”

For some reasons, the folks over at “Weapon H” thought it was a brilliant idea to serve up a concoction of DNA containing both Hulk’s and Wolverine’s DNA to Clay. And the result? A grayish berserker with Wolverine’s legendary adamantium. And claws too. It is unclear if Clay’s alter ego is permanent or if he can transform under circumstances and it also unknown if he has Wolverine’s insane regeneration ability and the acute sense of smell.

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But one thing I am quite sure now is, this newest monstrosity from Marvel turns out to be more clear-headed warrior than the legendary berserker and more importantly, he also appears to be the ‘good guy’, and thus, a superhero. Phew. Well, at least that seems to be the case at this point. After all, Weapon H is only at issue #2. There is still a long way to go for the story to develop. You can learn more about Hulkverine in a post by Josh Saint on

Image: Marvel via Stan Lee.

via Stan Lee.

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