Have you ever wanted to tell someone to “eat a dick”? I bet we all have, at some point in our lives, wanted so badly to lash out these three words at someone. However, some of us mostly held back for fear of repercussions, or as some would say, “karma.” But not anymore because, there is a thing called Dick At Your Door. With Dick At Your Door, you can literally send a Dick to anyone, well OK, almost literally because, the object that will reach your friends, family, co-workers, or your neighbor, is actually a chocolate penis. But hey, you’ll be doing the deed anonymously!

Chocolate “Eat A Dick” Pranks by Dick At Your Door

In this way, your worst enemy will be left wondering who has the audacity to ask he or she to eat a dick. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! OK. Maybe they won’t get it but it is a lovely gift that is as novel as it is weird anyways I admit. I had a good laugh, even though I am just posting it and not on the receiving on of a dick. Actually, that’s not most fun part. The most fun part is, each choc penis will be packed in deceivingly beautiful custom made box, so the element of surprise (for a good laugh or anger, depending on “target”) is a standard issue too.

Chocolate “Eat A Dick” Pranks by Dick At Your Door

Apart from anonymously gifting it to your worst enemies (just kidding!), Dick At Your Door’s Eat A Dick is also perfect for bachelorette parties (remind the girls that it is supposed to be eaten not, you know what), anniversaries, or just plain fun gift. Oh, the choc penis is totally edible, btw, because, chocolate. Each choc penis is handmade by trained chocolatiers, who apparently has superb visualization of a man’s anatomy, with gluten-fee, vegetarian milk chocolate. Chocolate “Eat A Dick” Prank is available from Dick At Your Door, starting at $19.99.

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All images courtesy of Dick At Your Door.

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