Electrical Outlets Dollhouse Doors

There are many things in life that we have to accept that they are what they are and even convince ourselves that they are pretty. Electrical outlet is one of those things. We don’t go around and go like “wow, such a beautiful outlet!” No. We don’t do that. It just sucks that it looks the way it looks.

But not everyone is willing to compromise. Imgur user cristinaf is one of them. She has been covering up the electric outlets with dollhouse doors around her house and the result is actually pretty dope.

Looks like Jerry may have just took up resident there. Obviously, that’s not the case and we sure hope Jerry is not enticed by the prospect.

It is a brilliant idea that is only doable for homes with electrical outlets close to the floor. From what I understand, countries like Singapore has a certain lowest point (in height) for electrical outlets.

Reason being, in case there’s a flood or splashes, it is less likely that water will get to the outlet and causing the inevitable outage to the home.

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Anywho, I am digging the idea. Love the extra details like floor mat and a spare ‘key’ under it. It makes the home looks like for tiny Gulliver.

Images: imgur (cristinaf).

Source: boing boing.