North Safari Sapporo Lion-torn Jeans

Jeans fashion. It has evolved to just regular jeans to worn-look to the torn-look. As far as the last one goes, Japan’s North Safari Sapporo just took it to the next level. How? By having a pair of jeans ripped by lions.

You heard that right. Jeans torn, hopefully not to to shreds that you can’t wear, by the North Safari Sapporo’s big cats. Now, that’s a good way to get the battle scars on your jeans without actually being mauled by a lion.

North Safari Sapporo Lion-torn Jeans

Believe it or not, North Safari Sapporo Lion-torn Jeans is available to buy. It is available through a crowdfunding campaign on Japan’s Campfire website where you Japanese residents can pick up one for a handsome 70,000 yen or about US$640. Unfortunately, it won’t be signed by the lion(s) responsible.

How does the zoo get the lion(s) to voluntarily attack the jeans is beyond me. If you read Japanese, you can learn more HERE.

The North Safari Sapporo Lion-torn Jeans is part of the many perks the zoo is offering to the public to support zoo in this trying time. Talk about getting creative… North Safari Sapporo really up the ante.

Anywho, other perks include beaver-gnawed wood, real parrot feather made earrings, painting made by a monkey, seal, or goal, private livestream of an animal feeding of your choice, and becoming the head zookeeper for day.

North Safari Sapporo Lion-torn Jeans

Images: Campfire (North Safari Sapporo) [JP].

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Source: Neatorama.