no NERF battle team is complete without at least one big guns. at this point, there’s no NERF battle tank to go for, so it safe to say the NERF N-Strike Elite Centurion Mega Blaster is biggest and baddest NERF weapon you could add to your arsenal. being a total badass, it shoots supersize Mega Whistler Darts, as opposed to the puny regular darts, and has an incredible range of up to 100 feet (that’s whole 30 meters) – the farthest shooting NERF yet and beyond the reach of most standard, non-modified NERF weapons, so you or your comrade can knock off the enemies safely. the NERF N-Strike Elite Centurion Mega Blaster comes complete with one Mega Clip with six Mega Whistler Darts, and a removable bipod stand for the added stability and accuracy whenever you need it.

seriously, no NERF team should stepped into a foam dart battle without one big gun like this. this is like the 7.62mm equivalent (in NATO context, that is) in any NERF operation. man. it may be for kids (ages 8 and up), but we can’t stop ourselves from ogling over it. yes. we are a power crazy bunch and this is the power we want. you should be able to lay your hands on the NERF N-Strike Elite Centurion Mega Blaster sometime next month for $59.99. check out a few more look and a video of the Elite Centurion Mega Blaster in action after the break.

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