Custom Lollipop Sticks Super Mario Guitar

You may have seen some pretty insane custom electric guitars up to this point, but let me assure you that this latest piece by Glasgow, Scotland-based guitar maker, Luthier, though may not be “insane”, it is no less breathtaking.

It is made out of 10,000 lollipop sticks (or popsicle sticks aka ice cream sticks, if you will) and it is Super Mario in all its pixelated glory – a perfect homage to this classic video game.

Words cannot express how impressive the built was. Even more so was the process Luthier had gone through to achieve this authentic pixelated look.

Sure, sure. Luthier’s Custom Lollipop Sticks Super Mario Guitar is not built from real human bones or nails, and neither did it has hot lava or sports odd form of a certain infamous kaiju or French Fries, but man, the road to making it is a painstaking one and the result is 101 percent satisfying.

The pixelated image you see here is, btw, front and back, and it is a result of painstakingly cutting up 10,000 lollipop sticks (of which 8,000 were used on the body alone).

Custom Lollipop Sticks Super Mario Guitar

Now, it is not as simple as gluing all the sticks together and shaping the guitar body, neck and head. Luthier went to length to cut all 10,000 pieces into 29,000 perfectly square sticks, dying them into the required colors and literally pieces each square cross-section stick to form the pixelated image.

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Even the neck and guitar head are of lollipop sticks too, and there are several nice design touches, including a pixelated Bowser and Princess Peach embedded into the fingerboard and the guitar head, respectively.

It was a mind-blowing creation that one can only fully appreciate if you watch the entire built process. Speaking of which, you can find said video embedded below. And believe me, it will be 17 minutes of your life well spent.

Images: YouTube (Cranmer Guitars).