Oracle Lighting Custom Sinister Jeep

There are car mods and then there are car mods which shines, like quite literally, when the sun goes out. Such is what Oracle Lighting, automotive lighting specialist, is about. It is all about add lights to your car.

If you are thinking “yeah, lighting, sure. How much can it change the look of the car?” Well, this so-called “world’s angriest jeep” is an example how a relatively tame looking Wrangler or Gladiator could look sinister – if sinister is your kind of thing.

Created by Oracle Lighting back in October for Halloween as show of what lighting can do to creep people out on the road.

Oracle Lighting Custom Sinister Jeep

This one-off custom Jeep with a devilish look is loaded with $1,640.82 worth of Oracle Lighting products which include the Demon Eye ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination system, the Vector Pro-Series Grill with sequentially-firing enhanced Daytime Running Lights, Rock Light Kit, and the 4 illuminated Oracle Lighting Illuminated LED wheel rings.

Lets face it. Not everyone has the technical hands to install Infinity Taillights, but lucky for you, the stuff from Oracle Lighting are made for easy installation. Sure, you won’t mesmerize every road users behind you, but you sure can send chills down the spines of drivers who are in front of you.

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What can we say, Oracle Lighting Sinister Jeep sure looks fitting for Mad Max Fury Roadif every scenes were to happen at night.

All images courtesy of Oracle Lighting.