How Mobile Games Changed Tabletop Games

Mobile games are all the rage these days. One of the most significant mobile game developers, King, was bought out by Activision Blizzard for a cool $5.9 billion. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that mobile games are more popular than ever before.

The next rage in the video game industry will be mobile games. With more and more games being released each year, and more franchises putting games out on mobile platforms – the future seems to be very bright for the industry as a whole.

Tabletop Games Go Mobile!
That is because of their convenience. We all have a phone beside us at most times, and usually have some time to kill. Mobile games are the greatest way to kill time while on the go, and that’s mostly due to their variety.

Remember when you used to shoot dice and have fun? Well, games like Board Kings combine shooting dice and a bunch of other fun game mechanics, available right in your pocket. You don’t even need anyone else, as you can play in single player.

While most gaming based games on mobile platforms are played for virtual currency that you earn, use, and exchange within the game, some can even be played for stone-cold real-life cash.

Board Games Are Also An Option!
The world of mobile gaming is expensive. While there are standard games such as Monopoly, Risk, and Battleship – more players prefer the casino classics.

Smartphones aren’t only for all-ages board games. Games like Roulette, Backgammon, and even Pigs exist in the mobile gaming landscape. The sheer amount of variety is unmatched by any other portable medium, and the variation between the games themselves is entirely different.

How Mobile Games Changed Tabletop Games
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Card Games – Yes, Of Course!
Not everyone loves a game of pure chance, so the mobile gaming landscape includes all sorts of card games. Unlike traditional gaming, card games require a little bit of skill – and when playing against AI or real players with virtual currency, you don’t even need a poker face.

Most people find card games fun, but they don’t want to lose actual money. That is where games such as Poker Heat come into play. This game allows you to play your favorite card game, without the fear of losing your savings.

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It’s important to note that, when virtual gaming via mobile phones is concerned, most games are played through virtual currency. Now, that means you can’t lose any real money, but you can’t cash out any virtual funds.

Bingo Anyone?
Bingo is for everyone. While bingo has a bad reputation for being a game for the elderly, its many incarnations make it fun, enjoyable, and ideal for all age groups.

One of the main things that make bingo fun is the sheer thrill of the game. Unlike other games, you can never truly predict what’s going to happen, not in the slightest. Since the number of combinations in a 100 ball bingo is 1000000, you can keep playing the game and get a different result each time. This game might be just for you! Click HERE to read more.

Since this game has come to the mobile gaming landscape, it’s become the favorite of people who are used to playing it in real life. Bingo is a very social and fun game, and playing it on the go gives you a little slice of friendship and fun on the go.

What Else Is There?
When it comes to mobile games, the amount of games is impressive. All the popular casino classics, some classic PC games, and even original mobile gaming titles are all present in the mobile gaming landscape.

As technology progresses, the amount of new games that come out is continuously on the rise. The sophistication of these games is also on an upwards trajectory, as the hardware supported by the software of the devices consistently improves.

Some of the most popular mobile games are Candy Crush, Raid Shadow Legends, Fortnite, PubG, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Angry Birds, and many others.

In Conclusion
Many games are being released every year for mobile – and it’s slowly, including all niches. Older PC games are being ported to the mobile platform on the daily, and even some casino favorites are finding their way into the mobile landscape.

The inclusion of table games for virtual currency to the mobile landscape is not a bad thing – as it’s breathing new life into a classic pastime.

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