there are a lot of things in life that we should not miss and if you are car guy, the Top Gear: The Cool 500: The Coolest Cars Ever Made (BBC Books, ISBN 978-1849901390) is one such things not to be missed in your life. published by BBC Books (who else?), this 312-page bible of automobiles features stories penned by Top Gear very own motoring guru Matt Master that spans from pre-war vintages to the supercars of the future, and along with each story comes with stunning photography, rarely seen archive photographs with commentary from the pros. car enthusiasts will be treated to the technology that drives these awesome rides and read about the experts’ opinions on why each of the selected ride is cool. expect to read about iconic rides that ranges from the Bentley Brooklands to the Bizzarini Strada to the Hollywood stars’ ride such as Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang and James Dean’s doomed Porsche Spyder. basically, it is a must-have, must-read coffee table book for the motoring enthusiast in you and a book that furthers reinforced your love for cars. the Top Gear: The Cool 500: The Coolest Cars Ever Made (Hardcover) can be yours for $29.25 each.

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