we don’t mean to be nosy here, but we think your typical U.S. or Japan wall outlets could use a little sprucing up in the form of, well, nose. seriously. nose. but why? because you can! if you walk in the same alley as Japanese design studio ekoD Works, then it is safe to assume you don’t quite fancy how a typical wall outlet look and the Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet will be kind of a saving grace and an excellent conversational piece (of nose). weirdness aside, the Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet will turn any U.S. or Japanese wall outlet into a nose-shaped outlet that you can plug your whatever appliance, vertically into the ‘nostrils’. this is so weird (subtly morbid, we would say) and yet so cool.

anyhow, it is not a concept (hoo-ray!); in fact, the nose can be yours for 35 bucks a piece and available in a choice of black, white or pink. though it is worthy to note that, Hanaga Tap is probably best use on single wall outlet and not double, else it will render the other outlet useless by the virtue of its big nose. on the flip side, this is actually a pretty nifty accessory for some situation where things need to be plugged vertically. don’t laugh. it happens. available through Japan Trend Shop. hit the jump for a product video, though it will be helpful if you understand Japanese language.

Japan Trend Shop via Technabob

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