as beautiful as the steampunk R2-D2 by artist AmoebaBoy is, it is still an art that won’t move. we don’t blame him, cos’ it is, after all, an art sculpture and something tells us that sculptures don’t usually moves. however, the recent Steampunk R2-D2 iteration by Nocturne Armory, a specialist in designing and fabrication of custom lightsabers, costumes and props, takes the steampunk R2 droid to the next level by blessing it with movements. and so, yes. this frictional Victoria-era flavored droid is operational, presumably through radio control, and comes complete with a rotating translucent dome featuring the steampunk’s mandatory gears and cogs twirling inside (no steam spewing out of it, though). it is really, really an awesome sight (or else, we wouldn’t be mentioning it here, would it?).

unfortunately details are way beyond just scant – they are virtually non-existence and all we have is a little video of the steampunk astromech in action, accompanied by the usual R2-D2’s whistles and beeps, plus a faint music of the Catina band song. hit the jump for the said video clip.

YouTube via Mighty Mega

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