this steampunk R2-D2 is created from recycled materials

Steampunk R2-D2 544x380px
if you think the steampunk illustration of Star Wars characters are cool, wait till you check out the steampunk R2-D2 conjured by UK-based artist AmoebaBoy. like the incredible junkyard Transformers that we featured a couple of months back, this R2-D2 is also made from recycled materials. i love how the planks formed the body of the iconic droid. for some reason, it kind of reminds me of the wooden beer keg and no, i am not an beer-coholic. the use of meters, pipings and the staple brass tone, make it unmistakably steampunk. speaking of which, i have secretly wished for a remake of Star Wars: Steampunk to hit the big screen. well, that’s just my wishful thinking which i doubt anyone would take up the challenge.

moving forward, the planks are actually from wooden coffee stirrers that AmoebaBoy salvage from a burger joint, and the dome uses the internal workings of a water meter. yet another creation that is too awesome to give it a miss.

via Inhabitat

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