Stetheadphone: earphones disguised as a stethoscope

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(credit: Antrepo)

this gotta be the coolest buds ever – if it ever get made. designed by Antrepo Design Industry, the Stetheadphone is a pair of earphones fashioned to look like a stethoscope. instead of listening to a patient’s heart beat, the Stetheadphone lets you listen to the music from your iPhone or iPod. i guess you don’t need a medical degree to do so, do you? plus, you are sure going to turn heads with this pair of buds. it will come with remote and mic that enable it to make and receive calls, access voice-control features, as well as listen to and manage music playback of your iPhone or iPod.
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according to Antrepo, the material used will be “ultra light and flexible plastic” and it will come with three sizes of soft silicone ear tips to suit different fit. unlike the real doc’s stethoscope, it will come in choice of color options: white, black, pink, blue or green. the product is currently still a concept but Antrepo is in the process of finding a partner company to produce this. if you are keen to be involved in this wonderful product, you can contact them through their website.

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Antrepo Design Industry via Toxel

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