We can see ourselves featuring stationery like writing instruments, but an eraser? Like, what is there to talk about with this seemingly forgettable stationery which we probably don’t use after we are done with schools? Probably nothing, or so we thought. Folks, what you see here is the an eraser from Japanese stationery company Seed that gave us a compelling reason to talk about it.

Clear Radar Translucent Eraser

As you can see, this is not your usual eraser. It is translucent and by being translucent, you’d be able to see what you are erasing. Something which we never dream of being able to do, like ever. Then again, I never thought I would need to see what I am erasing. Seriously, do we? Perhaps some people do and in this case, this clear eraser called Clear Radar is possibly small group of people.

Clear Radar Translucent Eraser

Seed reportedly came up with the idea half a decade ago, but it is only until now that they have finally arrived at the exact formulae that would produce material that erases while maintaining some kind of transparency without falling apart.

Anyways, if you happen to be in need of such an eraser, you can find Clear Radar translucent eraser selling in Japan. It comes in two sizes and sells for 100-150 yen (about US$0.92-1.40). Have a look at the demo in the video below.

Images: Seed [JP].

Source: Spoon & Tamago.

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