Xquad GPS Tracker for Groups

Don’t be deceived by PUBG. When you are far into the wilderness, keeping tab of your squad is NOT as simple as glancing at in-game map. In real life, there’s no in-game map. Instead, we rely on cellphones. But what if there’s no cell signal, as it would likely be the case? This is where Xquad comes in.

Xquad GPS Tracker for Groups

Xquad by GoTele (Beijing Tele Industry Information Technology Co., Ltd) is a premium GPS device that lets you track and locate up to 30 purple on the same screen. Moreover, it lets users send a message or, if situation calls for it, broadcast one to the group even there’s no cell service.

Xquad leverages on four satellite systems (namely, GPS, ABC Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis compass and Barometric Altimeter) and low radio waves to let you and your group keep track of each other. You can also create safe zone for a group and there is a SOS function to boot.

Other features include a 2-inch sunlight-readable color display, IP67 rated construction, 24 hours continue use with 72 battery life, up to 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) range, and automatic synchronizing of everyone’s location.

If you are down, GoTele is having a pre-sale for Xquad GPS Tracker for Groups on Indiegogo where you can pick up one or many for a staring price of $99.

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All images courtesy of GoTele.