If you think 2003’s Apple Power Mac G5 has a front that looks like cheese grater, well, let me tell you this: it doesn’t. You know what looks like a grater? The recently revealed $6,000 Apple Pro. Those who said the G5 looked like a cheese grater clearly exaggerated, but this 2019’s iteration? It needs none of the exaggeration because, it does look exceeding like a grater.

So much so that IKEA Bulgaria cannot resist responding with its “counter offer” with the help of Sofia-based ad agency The Smarts. The digital ad was presented in the usual IKEA minimalist fashion, featuring IKEA’s new grater called iDEALISK grater along with a caption/headline that says “Designed for apples.” Well played. Well played, IKEA.

IKEA Bulgaria Poked Fun At New Mac Pro

What makes this ad even smarter is, the product image was intentionally taken at an angle so that it actually looks like the front of the new Mac Pro. But seriously, you probably would have picked up similarity even without reading the headline. The two products are practically twins!

Anywho… The Smarts did not stop there. It continued with the clever wordplay by spelling “IDEALISK” with a lowercase ‘i’, a stylization Apple use for its small devices. While the two products may share uncanny frontal aesthetic, the price isn’t quite so. As opposed to $6,000 beast of desktop, this handy kitchen gadget sells for just 3.99 Bulgarian Lev, or about US$2.29. A price which we bet can’t even bag you any component that made up the Mac Pro.

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This isn’t the first time the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant poke fun at other brands. A couple of years ago, the furniture maker took a stab at Balenciaga’s $2,000+ Tote which looks exceedingly like IKEA’s iconic Frakta tote. And oh, apparently, IKEA Bulgaria wasn’t the first.

Stockholm-based PR specialist, Andreas Carlsson, put up one using the IDEALISK grater on the same day the 2019 Mac Pro was announced. Cheeky, Carlsson!

Images: The Smarts/IKEA Bulgaria.

Source: Mashable SE Asia.

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