Netflix Two Stranger Things Video Games

You probably have heard it back in March. Netflix is building on the popularity of its original series Stranger Things with video game, or should we say video games. At the recently concluded E3, Netflix put out words that it is going to make video games based on the 80s-themed horror/sci-fi series. There will be two games.

Netflix Two Stranger Things Video Games

First is a console video game, titled Stranger Things 3: The Game, based on the S3 show and the second is a location-based puzzle RPG for mobile devices, developed by Next Games. The console video game, developed by Bonus XP, is a 80s style beat’em up game and it will be on three major platforms, namely, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Netflix Two Stranger Things Video Games

Here’s what the mobile game will be like:

“The mobile game will reimagine the Stranger Things universe in the style of an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon. Through location-based mechanics and Google Maps integration, players can explore The Upside Down hidden around them in their daily travels and work with fellow fans to fight back its emerging evils.”

The mobile game will arrive in 2020, while the Stranger Things 3: The Game will be released on July 4, coinciding with the release of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix.

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Images: Netflix/Next Games/Bonus XP.