Face mask, social distancing and Zoom meeting are the new normal in this unprecedented time. With this in mind, dad Greg Dietzenbach set out to create a Halloween costume for his kids that is an accurate of a depiction the dire situation the world has gotten itself into.

A Killer Zoom Meeting Costume by Greg Dietzenbach

There’s no sexy hand sanitizer costume here. This one is brutal and brilliant all at the same time. It is a A Killer Zoom Meeting Costume.

The costume is a result of a challenge put forth by his daughter to create a costume that sums up 2020. As you can see, it is a walking Zoom meeting and on it are 9 Zoom meeting participants who are all classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man and such) – except for two.

A Killer Zoom Meeting Costume by Greg Dietzenbach
Even more brilliant is the subtleties of the costume, such as the number participants, “Share Scream”, the shocking emoji, and of course, “End Life?” instead of “End Meeting”

Right smack in the center screen is her daughter Ada aka “The Masked Murderer” and while the rest are manipulated images of his daughter in various monster costumes, the top spot is reserved for an iPad with the front-facing camera that features the, well, the “Next Victim.” Here, take a closer look at A Killer Zoom Meeting Costume:

Images: YouTube (Greg Dietzenbach).

Source: Business Insider (AU).

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