rugged Casio G-SHOCK now gets a touch (metallic) gold

Casio G-Shock Metallic Gold Pack 544x708px
(credit: Casio)

i was never a fan of gold color goods but however, when i first lay my eyes on the Casio G-SHOCK Metallic Gold Pack, it was love at first sight. well, almost. while embodying the same toughness and reliability that G-SHOCK has been known for, this series has been given a touch of gold. actually, it’s more than just a touch: each of this rugged jet black time piece features a sparkling metallic gold face while the ‘G-SHOCK’ and ‘PROTECTION’ wordings are given a matching gold-ish yellow treatment.
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i don’t actually call this G-SHOCK time piece suitable for any ‘formal’ occasions but it will make do if the situation requires and still not let you look awfully out of place. however, this definitely won’t be my personal choice for any formal occasion. my thoughts? excellent for those smart casual situations. shown here are three models, namely, GD-100GB-1DR, GX-56GB-1DR and GA-110GB-1ADR. there will be two more models joining the pack when it becomes available this June.

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Casio G-Shock Metallic Gold Pack 600x800px Casio G-Shock Metallic Gold Pack 600x800px

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