express yourself using brainwave-controlled cat ears

Neurowear Necomimi 544x308px
we have seen how commercially available EEG device can be modded to control a RC helicopter, now here’s another interesting application: brainwave-controlled cat-like ears. dubbed the Necomimi, the ears is worn like a headband over the user’s head and when the user concentrates or sees something interesting, the ears stand up. as the user relaxes, the sensor detects the decreasing brain activity, hence making the ears fall down. great. now everyone knows if i am actually paying attention to what they saying which i often do not. just kidding.

Neurowear Necomimi 544x308px

catch the Necomimi promo video after the break and also a clip of regular people trying on the cat ears. conceived by Tokyo-based Neurowear, the Necomimi is the first of an upcoming line of ‘similar fashion items and gadgets’. so does Neurowear means, a slew of ears to come? or something else? guess we just have to wait and see what other wonderful and novel products they will bring to the market. though novel, this gadget actually has some useful application like making all students wear it during classes. now educators can tell who isn’t listening to their boring lectures. is it sad or what?

on a more serious note, it will be even more awesome if more emotions can be detected such as when you afraid or sad, the ears kinda fold back.

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