you can make your own brain-controlled RC Helicopter

Puzzlebox brain-controlled RC helicopter 544x311px
(credit: Puzzlebox)

no kidding. this is a real working RC helicopter hacked to be controlled by an EEG headset. the consumer-grade EEG headset measures the brainwave’s concentration and relaxation, communicates the flight commands to the helicopter via the electrode on the headset, which act as an antennae. two software are used in this process, namely, Puzzlebox Synapse and Puzzlebox Brainstorms. the former connects to consumer-grade EEG headsets such as the NeuroSky MindSet or Emotiv EPOC while the latter connect to the transmitter chip harvested from the RC helicopter’s original remote control. the Puzzlebox Brainstorms issue flight commands and settings based on the detections received from Puzzlebox Synapse. check out the video that outline this process after the break.
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judging from the video, i must say this isn’t for someone who isn’t a least bit technically (or electronically) inclined. however, if you think you have what it takes and is ready to get your hands dirty (not literally), then head on down to Puzzlebox instructables page to make one yourself. good thing is, the good folks at Puzzlebox has also made the required software, including the source code available for download from their project website. check them out.

Puzzlebox via Instructables

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