Giant-size Jellyfish Discovered In England

What you see here is a giant jellyfish captured on film off the coast off the coast of Cornwall, England. Underwater cinematographer Dan Abbott and biologist Lizzie Daly were met by this giant sea creature in one of their dive as part of a seven-day expedition to raise awareness about marine life. Well, I guess they have truly met the objective, didn’t they? This gigantic animal, a barrel jellyfish, has became an Internet star lately.

Thanks, Abbott for reminding me why I never wanted to go out into the open water. And oh, Steven Spielberg, you too. You know what you did Spielberg , don’t you? Hint: it all started in 1975. Anyways… there are many giant sea animals out there, but what’s fascinating with this sighting is, this isn’t a sea animal of a size we are accustomed to seeing and that is what makes it so surreal.

As far as marine creatures go, mankind have always know some species could grow into incredible proportions, but the thing is, we didn’t get to see in real it was washed up onto the shore, dead. So, this sighting was pretty mind-blowing. A reminder that there are much to be discovered in the deep.

For those who are wondering… yes, this giant barrel jellyfish stings too. Each of its eight arms is armed with stinging tentacles, but lucky for the duo, this big guy ain’t no time for stinging business. In fact, we heard that it might be a gentle giant after all because, it is not as deadly as its relative, the box jellyfish. Then again, considering it this big, the sting must be hell too. No? Keep going to see this giant gracefully propelling through the water.

Images: Facebook (Dan Abbott).

Source: Mother Nature Network.