AI Lowering Barrier Of Access To Creating Entertainment

Creating entertainment isn’t just about having great ideas, it’s also about having the artistic skill to fully craft the experience. In this way, an idea could be thought of as the framework, where the looks are the touches placed on top of a solid foundation. Entertainment has always worked this way, and while it often works well, it’s also not without some drawbacks. Sometimes, the people with the best ideas are also those without the talent or skill to work on the artistic component of entertainment. Artificial intelligence can work to bridge this gap, streamlining the creation process and allowing a rapid expansion in some forms of media.

Which Media Could Benefit

Though many types of media could benefit in some way from AI art, one of the best illustrations is found in the landscape of online casino games. Online slots and games like Big Bass Bonanza and Age of Gods have been developed carefully by hand, but there are elements here that could theoretically be handed off to AI. It wouldn’t be the first part of these systems that were AI-enhanced either, as testing slot games for desktops and mobiles has been a function of online casino AI for years. The same can be said for website safety features, again having seen the hand of AI. In this way, AI as part of the game creation process would be just another step forward, and the same is true in other entertainment mediums too.

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Impossible To Tell

The first AI art systems were extremely limited. Non-artists could tell immediately in these creations that something was wrong, but this isn’t true today. Today, AI is capable of delivering projects that laymen couldn’t tell from human hands at all, and which many artists can’t discern either. Factor in how entertainment such as slots are already often based on stylized art and graphics, and AI becomes more than a shortcut, it’s a useful tool.

A Tool, Not A Replacement

Art from AI doesn’t need to be a finished component, it can also fill in the blanks where some creatives need help. An engineer programming something like a casino game might not have the ability to create an image from nothing, but modifying an image could be an ability within their skill set. Leveraging AI as a tool in this fashion would then expand that engineer’s ability to work, allowing them the ability to diversify and gain additional work experience.

Advanced creative AIs are the way of the future, but this doesn’t necessarily make them a threat. Like how digital painting allows artists to undo mistakes, AI represents a new generation of opportunities full of potential. The major difference is, whether looking at casino art, 3D models, or photo touchups, AI lets non-professionals step into an area to which they would otherwise be denied.

Implementation of new AI systems in major creative industries will take some time, but it’s a matter of when and not if. For those of us with big projects in mind, whose artistic talent topped out at poorly posed stick figures, this presents some amazing new opportunities. For the entertainment world, a new age is coming.

Featured image “Dome Home” (Public Domain) by Dennis S. Hurd.