Remember the awesome Star Trek Enterprise children’s rocking toy? Well, if the natural wood finish did not quite convince junior that he/she is at the helm of one of the best star fleet there’s in the universe (fictional one, of course), then perhaps, this latest iteration with a lot more detailing and in a fresh coat of Federation Gray should bump up the realism by a few notches. As before, each rocker is individually handcrafted entirely out of wood and boast features like propulsion units, the iconic flying saucer main hull and the sensor dish-equipped secondary hull which also happens to be prestigious commander’s throne. The starship, wait, I mean the rocker, is designed for kids as young as an infant (as long as they can sit up and grasp the handles) up to five years of age.

Star Trek Enterprise Rocker in Federation Gray by G and G Rockers

The Star Trek Enterprise Rocker in Federation Gray by G and G Rockers is everything you expect a rocker to be, meaning it is built sturdy and child-friendly, except it probably won’t make the warp speed, but then again, you wouldn’t want your junior to have access to uncharted galaxy, do you? Now that we have seen the Federation Gray version, our love for this particular Star Trek Enterprise rocker has grown even stronger. Again, it does not have an adult version for grown-ass person, sadly. As for the investment required, you ought to know realizing your kid’s galactic-size dream isn’t going to cheap. Expect to shell out no less than $260 for a unit. Then only consolation is, you won’t be needing NASA’s nod of approval and also, junior won’t be needing a galactic pilot license.

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Images courtesy of G and G Rockers.

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