Forget about expensive RC airplanes because, PowerUp Toys is back with an even more capable system that will make paper airplane even more awesome. Dubbed PowerUp 4.0, it boasts an onboard flight computer with autopilot function, gyroscope and accelerometer, and offers flight telemetry for a proper debrief of your sortie. Just like Maverick would have wanted, except Top Gun did not endorsed it nor did Tom Cruise.

PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone-controlled Paper Airplane

The new PowerUp 4.0 benefits from two new sensors and an even more robust design with a nylon and carbon fiber construction. In fact, it is so capable that it could literally fly anything, even a lettuce. Thanks to its powerful, high-speed dual motors, it can fly virtually anything including the aforementioned lettuce, a torn up paper airplane or even airplane made of Styrofoam, balsa wood and more.

With the PowerUp 4.0 you can perform aerobatics with greater ease and fly in bad wind conditions. It also touts launch assist that can recover and fly bad launches, and auto stabilizer to counter the worst paper ever made. If you think of yourself as a pro, then you will also benefit from the flight telemetry and stats served in real-time.

PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone-controlled Paper Airplane

Other features include replaceable parts (battery, bumper, front clips and propellers), voltage protection in case of motor overload, soft front bumper, and dive and stall prevention software. Not going to lie. I am totally sold. Even more so by the optional LED lights for night flights and the optional improved landing gear. Trust me. You will never look at paper airplane the same way again. Again.

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Once again, PowerUp Toys has taken to Kickstarter to promote its latest ware. For $49-79, depending on the trim, you can pre-order one destined for April 2020 delivery. Not surprisingly, the campaign has met with overwhelming support. At the time of this post, it is already 1,154 percent funded and goes what? It has 43 days to go.

All images courtesy of PowerUp Toys.

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