It is appalling that MacBook still does not have a touch display. We don’t know why Apple isn’t doing it, but in case you harbor the secret desire to experience touch display when using MacOS, here’s a nifty solution and it does not involved ripping out your existing display or any programming. Ok. This may not the perfect solution, but at least the Luna Display will let you go all out touchy with Mac OS. So what the hell is Luna Display? Well, on contrary to its product name, it is not actually a display, so don’t get all too excited about a $59 display. It is not.

Luna Display Turns Any iPad Into A Wireless Second Display for Your Mac

59 bucks is for a dongle that promised to turn your iPad into a “true, wireless second display” for your Mac and it also promised to connect in seconds. Now, the thing is, turning your iPad into a second display isn’t the newest trick in the bag, but as far as hardware solution goes, it is the first and only solution for now. And it is super simple to setup and start using too. Simply plug this super tiny size dongle into any Mac’s USB C port or DisplayPort, fire up the companion app on your iPad, and voila! A second display at your disposal that serves as a full extension of your Mac, complete with support of external keyboard, as well as the option to use Apple’s touch interaction and even Apple Pencil.

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Luna Display Turns Any iPad Into A Wireless Second Display for Your Mac

With so many promises, it is no surprise that Luna Display’s Kickstarter campaign has received much love. The campaign has a $30K funding goal, but it is already funded in matter of hours. As it stands, the campaign still has 57 days on the calendar and over 1,600 backers contributing nearly $130k. So, yeah, Luna Display is a go for sure. If Luna Display’s proposition piques your interest, you may want to consider pre-ordering a unit (in a choice of USB C or Mini DisplayPort) by contributing at least $59. Kinda of pricey, I must say, but if going all touchy with Mac OS, then this is probably your best bet at this present moment. Catch the pitch video below to learn more.

Luna Display Turns Any iPad Into A Wireless Second Display for Your Mac

Images: Luna Display/Astropad.

Kickstarter via 9to5Mac.

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