This is a LEGO MOC created by the winner of LEGO Masters Australia 2022 Joss Woodyard aka jayfa_mocs. Yup, it certainly looks like the LEGO Orchid set met some chemical mishap and turned into this monstrosity. Or the lovechild of a Demogorgon and the LEGO Orchid set. You sick bastard, Demogorgon. Bad Demogorgon!

Anyhoo, this lovely creation (yes, I said lovely), aptly named The Demogorchid, was built for the preliminary round of Biocup 2022 with the theme of “Nature”. Joss said it himself that his creation was inspired by the LEGO Orchid set.

Now, I just have to keep my set away from any form of chemicals and the Demogoron. Maybe I should have the Demogoron neutered? Hmmm. You may hit up Joss’s page on Instagram to check out his other surreal LEGO MOCs.

Images: Instagram (@jayfa_mocs).

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