Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit

By now, I am sure you have heard of the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster, The Wandering Earth. It was based on a sci-fi novella written by Chinese computer engineer/sci-fi writer, Liu Cixin. The first movie hit the theaters in 2019 and the replica exoskeleton suit you see here is from that first movie.

Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit

The suit you see here is an officially licensed, 1:1 scale high-end wearable exoskeleton suit as seen worn by the Earth surface rescue team in the 2019 film created by Killerbody. The suit features an alloy and TPU construction with 48 points of articulation. So you’d be able to move around when wearing it.

Like a real exoskeleton suit, it has simulated hydraulic cylinders – all 14 of them – around the suit. Each hydraulic cylinder has built-in telescopic springs that conform to human body movements. The backpack is integrated into the rest of the suit with anti-gravity spring rails.

Meanwhile, the exoskeleton behind the shoulder, on both sides, recreated the rotating motor motion, along with sound effects and an LED light-up feature.

The torso area is where you find weapon storage much like those on the Individual Integrated Fight System worn by modern-day foot soldiers. It features three magazine pockets, an integrated knife sheath, and a clip system firearm hanging point. There is an additional magazine pocket on the thigh.

Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit

Moving down the suit, the thigh and calf section of the exoskeleton is adjustable. The exoskeleton and the heel link are made of stainless steel, and the suit allows the weight of the exoskeleton as well as the backpack to be transferred to the ground, thus relieving the load on the user.

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Completing the setup is a helmet with a light-up feature and powered opening/closing clear visor, a pair of exoskeleton hands, and an integrated remote with a display.

The Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit comes with a full suite of weapons that include a dagger, a pistol, and a rifle worth 9,800 yuan (about US$1,419). The weapons are obviously replica props and are nonfunctional. The knife’s blade is of soft rubber too.

The suit has a limited run of just 99 units and each suit will come with a limited collection plaque and certificate of authenticity. While it is wearable, it also comes with a display base for displaying the suit on its own which is super cool, IMHO.

Killerbody is crowdfunding the suit where fans can secure the Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit on the Modian crowdfunding platform for a grand starting price of 127,699 yuan (or approximately US$18,486 based on today’s rate).

Killerbody Wearable The Wandering Earth Suit

For fans who have a limited budget, Killerbody is also offering up individual components like the finger exoskeleton seen worn by the main character Liu Qi in the 2019 Chinese sci-fi movie. The helmet and the exoskeleton hands (one or as a pair) can also be acquired separately. Also available is the space station training uniform.

The campaign has been fully funded at this point with 27 days to go on the calendar. This means fans who pledged for a product can expect delivery sometime in September 2023. Unfortunately, though, it looks like this is only open to residents in China.

Images: Killerbody.