This Officially Licensed Wearable Bumblebee Helmet Is Also A Functional Bluetooth Speaker

What you see here is a wearable Bumblebee helmet from Killerbody. Killerbody is most notable for making shell or body for RC car, but since few years ago, they have also been recognized as a licensed costume/toy maker for franchise like Marvel’s Iron Man and more recently, Transformers.

Killerbody Transformers Cosplay Costumes Will Make An Entrance At Any Cosplay Event

When we saw Killerbody’s posted a short clip of towering Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime cosplay costumes based 2018’s Bumblebee movie, we immediately knew we had to reach out to them. We have to. They are simply too impressive and it will be crime not to find out more for you guys.

Seriously, Why Buy An Iron Man Statue When You Can Wear The Actual Suit?

Countless people must have cosplayed Iron Man with their own homemade suits, but if you want to turn heads, then you probably have to do what Killerbody did: spend two years in creating a movie-accurate, wearable armor, and boy, does it look seriously authentic and comes outfitted with the requisite LED lights and pop up …