Killerbody, the company behind wearable Transformers and Iron Man suits, has added the Transformers Megatron helmet to its portfolio. Like the rest of its gear, the Killerbody Wearable Transformers Megatron Helmet is officially licensed. However, unlike the wearable Bumblebee helmet, it does not double as a Bluetooth speaker. It is quite a bummer considering that it is so much more expensive than the Bumblebee helmet.

Killerbody Wearable Transformers Megatron Helmet

The Killerbody Wearable Transformers Megatron Helmet is based on Megatron’s appearance in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011, Paramount Pictures) which has a gapping open wound sustained from the blast delivered by the Optimus Prime on steroid in Revenge of the Fallen (2009, Paramount Pictures) aka Transformers 2.

Along with the battle damage part that exposed the inner details of Megatron’s head is hand-painted weathering. Adding even more life to the helmet are arc lights and sound effects. Moreover, the eyes will light up too, exposing even more details them. Plus there is a battle damage light switch that will make the lights flicker like they are malfunctioning.

Activating the lights and sounds can be achieved by touch control, voice commands (in both English and Chinese), or using the included 2.4G remote control in the Decepticon logo design.

Killerbody Wearable Transformers Megatron Helmet

Megatron can throw around classic lines or if you so desire, you can speak through the helmet which has a voice changer in place so you’d sound like the villain himself. In either case, the mouth will move in sync with the speech which is super duper cool.

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I don’t recall Megatron having any opening mechanism on his head like Bumblebee but this helmet does have opening gimmicks. When activated, the sides will open (quite slightly, really) and the forehead will also open, revealing a light-up Decepticon emblem.

The Killerbody Wearable Transformers Megatron Helmet is available to order from for US$745.68. Not sure why the odd amount. I suspect it was automatically converted from Chinese yuan. Delivery will commence sometime in October-November 2022.

All images courtesy of Killerbody.

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