Teenage Engineering marries tech and Scandinavian minimalism style. While it dabbled in fields beyond music making and audio enjoyment, it never had personal music equipment. This prompted a young product designer, Haechan Ryu, from Seoul to think about what a pair of Teenage Engineering TWS earbuds would look like if the Swedish consumer electronics company had a pair of wireless earbuds.

Teenage Engineering BD-1 TWS Concept Earbuds

Haechan Ryu’s curiosity resulted in him conceptualizing this: Teenage Engineering BD-1 TWS Concept Earbuds. At a glance, you’d be forgiven to think it is a pair of earbuds is actually from Teenage Engineering because it has all the design elements the Scandinavian company would employ. And if you detect an OP-1 vibe in it, you are right on the money because the brand’s synthesizer actually inspires this pair of concept earbuds (which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this, by the way).

Though if I could chip in my two cents, I thought it could be even more minimal. I thought there are just too many things going on with the earbuds. You know. The segmented design separating the stem and earbuds, and the stem itself, the various contact points, mic, and sensor, and the branding and markings et cetera, make a tiny earbud look really, really busy.

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Teenage Engineering BD-1 TWS Concept Earbuds

The charging case, however, is minimal, save for a digital screen that lets you check on the charging status, or what so it is playing, much we have seen on the JBL Tour PRO 2. Haechan Ryu even took the effort to design a very Teenage Engineering USB-C to USB-C cable which has a telephone coiled cord and complete packaging. If the earbuds could be made less busy, this may be a pair of earbuds I would want to use despite it having a pretty eye-jabbing stem.

You can check out more details on the Teenage Engineering BD-1 TWS Concept Earbuds by Haechan Ryu over at Behance or hit up Haechan Ryu’s Instagram page for more of his works.

Images: Behance (Haechan Ryu).

via Yanko Design.

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