Ever Wanted To Add “Chicken Legs” Or Cupholder To Your Speakers? Well, Now You Can!

Well, this is a collaboration we didn’t see coming and it is a collab that can be really fun. We are talking about Teenage Engineering collab with flat-pack furniture giant, IKEA. The two has jointly introduced the Frekvens line of speakers and lights, which are available at select IKEA stores as we speak.

Playdate: A Handheld Gaming System With A Crank As One Of The Controls

A lot of things in can go back to basic. You know, like going full-on minimalist with, for example, wallets, speakers and et cetera. However, it is hard to imagine handheld gaming system could and should go back to basic. I mean, how can anyone forsake touchscreen controls and eye-watering 3D graphics? Well, as it […]

Teenage Engineering Updates OD-11 With Bluetooth

Remember the super cool Teenage Engineering’s reboot of the Stig Carlsson speaker from four years ago? Well, it has been updated with Bluetooth support – in addition to AirPlay and Spotify connect. Furthermore, it has more colors, now including red, black, walnut and white, plus a limited edition blue which I am all over it. […]

Teenage Engineering Takes Synthesizer To Next Level With OP-Z

Three years in the making, Teenage Engineering’s newest multimedia synthesizer and sequencer, OP-Z, is finally ready. A follow up to the Swedish company’s first portable all-in-one OP-1 released six years ago, OP-Z is the first stand-alone 16-track sequencer that lets you pull off synchronized live composition of music, visuals, and lights, and doing so while […]

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator: Electronic Music Band That Fits in Your Pocket

Synthesizer-heavy music was pretty big in the 80s up to the 90s and so were the equipment required to make those trance-inducing music. But that was then. These days making synthesized music is literally pocket size, thanks to development like the Pocket Operator from Stockholm-based outfit, Teenage Engineering. Created in collaboration with Swedish fashion brand […]

OD-11 Cloud Speaker by Teenage Engineering

do you love living in the cloud? if so, we have reasons to believe that your most treasured music collection must be stashed in the cloud and hence, you would love the OD-11 Cloud Speaker by Teenage Engineering. why bother to boot up your computer or waste precious juice of your mobile devices…

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

it looks like a toy, but it isn’t one. the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer has a future-beauty to it that grabbed our attention even though we are not, we repeat, not, a big fan of beeping tones. future-like look it is, this particular electronic musical instrument is touted as an all-in-one portable synthesizer that is a sampler, controller and of course, a synthesizer but it…