Teenage Engineering x Stigberget Beer

It is nothing out of the ordinary when a Swedish consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering offers field accessories such as backpacks, tote bags, and whatnot. But what may raise some eyebrows is this: Teenage Engineering x Stigberget beer.

Teenage Engineering x Stigberget Beer

You heard that right. Swedish consumer electronics best known for its Pocket Operator and OP-1 Synthesizer also has a Lager. I know right. It is hard to believe but yet here it is, the Okinawa-type Clear Lager.

Okinawa Lager is the Swedish company’s first beer, brewed by Gothenburg-based brewery Stigberget.

The beer is described as a light-tasting beer “with hints of tropical grain” which is a nod to the rice-brewed beers of the region (Okinawa). That description is a little broad, IMHO.

Over at Systembolaget where it is currently listed, it is described as “fruity, slightly malty with hints of light bread, lemon, lime, and bergamot” and it is best served at 8-10°C (46.4-50 Fahrenheit) as a companion drink to vegetarian dishes or with seafood dishes with spicy seasoning (optional).

Hmmm, our interest is piqued! Unfortunately, unless you are in Sweden, you will not be able to satisfy your curiosity about how it actually tastes.

Folks in Europe, however, can order the Teenage Engineering x Stigberget Beer aka Okinawa Lager at Systembolaget all around Sweden starting today (November 07).

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For the uninitiated, Systembolaget is a government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden and it is the only retail allowed to sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 3.5% alcohol by volume.

Each stubby can pack 250 ml (about  8.5 fl. oz.) and sells for 14.90 Swedish Krona (which is around US$1.37). And yes, it has a non-traditional beer can graphic, featuring the Swedish company’s signature bolt and nut graphics against a silver background and befitting its name, a Japanese text in Kanji that says “beer technology”.

Images: Teenage Engineering/Systembolaget [SE].