Making a clock – even a functional one – out of LEGO is not an impossibility. But what YouTuber Sariel’s Bricks & Pets, or Sariels Bricks and Pets as he is known on LEGO Ideas, has created is unlike any LEGO clock we have seen before.

LEGO Mechanical Flip Clock by Sariels Bricks and Pets

Sariels Bricks and Pets has created a real working, mechanical flip clock powered by a LEGO motor.

Sariels Bricks and Pets’ LEGO Mechanical Flip Clock is a proposed LEGO Ideas set that boasts intricate details, including a complex gearing system, featuring 10:1 and 12:1 gear ratios, and decagon and dodecagon built entirely using LEGO elements “with 100% legal building techniques.”

We love how Sariels Bricks and Pets emphasized that it is built using “100% legal building techniques.” LoL

LEGO Mechanical Flip Clock by Sariels Bricks and Pets

While accuracy in time telling is not guaranteed, the fact that it is functional is already pretty surreal. Perhaps even more impressive, IMHO is the design that allows just one motor to run the entire system (you know, the hour, minute, and second).

Not only that, this proposed LEGO Ideas set has quite some presence on any shelf or desk with its 44 mm wide and 15 cm tall (17.4 by 5.9 inches) size – if the awesome sound of flaps falling and the second’s indicator ticking haven’t already caught your attention already. It was indeed quite a visual spectacle.

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Sariels Bricks and Pets’ Mechanical Flip Clock is on LEGO Ideas where you can give your support to help it make the next milestone and a step closer to making it into the LEGO review panel.

LEGO Mechanical Flip Clock by Sariels Bricks and Pets

Images: LEGO Ideas (Sariels Bricks and Pets).

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