Remember the wearable Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron helmet with a voice changer? Well, Killerbody has just revealed some pretty cool accessories that make it cooler to display and also expand its function beyond a display piece.

KBGO x Killerbody Transformers Collectible Scalpel Figure

The accessories are KBGO x Killerbody Transformers Collectible Scalpel and the Transformers Bluetooth Speaker Base. The latter is pretty much self-explanatory; it is a display base for the wearable Megatron helmet that doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker.

The former, on the other hand, is a collectible figure of the little creatures that crawled around Megatron’s damaged head carrying out repairs. However, the scale may be a little off. The KBGO x Killerbody Transformers Collectible Scalpel is too large for the helmet but it will still make for a cool display with the helmet.

Killerbody Megatron Bluetooth Speaker Base

The figure features 32 points of articulation, light-up LED eyes, exclusive Scalpel sound effects, weathered finish, and it will come with a couple of replacement “surgical” tools, namely, a saw blade and a twin claw, plus the little will have its “surgical” eyewear. Pretty neat stuff.

Back to the Bluetooth speaker/display base, it boasts mechanical details of Megatron’s neck with hand-painted battle damage and weathering details. Other highlights include 3D gear mechanical structure details, the 3D mechanical pattern on the back, real metal chain accessory, metal spring element on the faux coilover suspension, faux wirings, storage of the Decepticon logo remote, touch wake-up, battery low alert, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

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We do not know how much the Scalpel figure gonna cost or when it will go on sale. However, we do know that you can actually pre-order the Transformers Megatron Bluetooth Speaker Base now from the Killerbody website for US$253.79. Shipping is to be advised.

[UPDATE July 07, 2023, 8:34 AM, PT] The KBGO x Killerbody Transformers Collectible Scalpel is now available to order for US$79.84, with delivery starting in August 2023.

Images: Killerbody.

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