Amazon Fire TV Generative AI Search

Well, what do you know? Generative Artificial Intelligence search has arrived on streaming media. Well, at least it has for Fire TV devices. Amazon has recently introduced an AI-powered search for Fire TV devices to make searching for what to watch easier. According to Nielsen’s 2023 report, streaming customers spent over 10 minutes searching for something to watch each time they used their streaming services.

Amazon Fire TV Generative AI Search

To address this not sure what to watch syndrome, Amazon Fire TV has introduced an AI-enhanced search using Alexa. This AI-powered voice search allows users to find personalized TV and movie recommendations through natural language. You can ask Alexa for suggestions based on topic, genre, plot, character, actor, or even quotes.

Mind you, the result is not generic. These recommendations are contextual, and personalized for you, and best of all, they will include choices from your Prime Video, or other streaming subscription libraries. But this also means, this AI search will need time to learn your likes and dislikes, and how exactly it does so, we rather not know.

But yeah, no more finishing your meal even before you find a movie to watch. Well, hopefully. The new search feature, powered by an Amazon-built large language model (LLM), is rolling out in the U.S. on select devices.

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Images: Amazon.